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Supply Chain Collaboration

Kotahi means “standing together as one”. We were founded by exporters who realised that ocean freight challenges would only be overcome by working together. Our collaboration with over 40 exporters, importers and industry partners ensures New Zealand maintains a sustainable, secure supply chain and remains competitive on the world stage.

Taking New Zealand to the world

New Zealand exporters compete with the ability of other major international exporters who ship their cargo more cost effectively into key markets. We are now on a journey to welcome a new generation of large container ships to New Zealand which will provide a new choice in ocean freight solutions.

Global supply chain solutions

By pooling the container cargo from over 40 of New Zealand’s leading export and import companies we can create value for our customers and partners by optimising ocean freight and landside transport supply and demand. Whether it is seafood, timber, pulp, meat, hides, wool, dairy, seeds or pharmaceutical products we move cargo around the world, helping customers get closer to their global market.

Partner collaboration

Moving cargo from manufacturing sites to markets around the world.

Efficient supply chain

Consolidate and optimise cargo to drive efficiency and remove waste from the supply chain.

Service quality

Operational capability delivers higher levels of service, reliability and on-time arrival of cargo into ports around the world.

Landside innovation

Create new value with an end-to-end view across the collective supply chain.